...and Upstairs, Nurses ...and Upstairs, Nurses

...and Upstairs, Nurses

Hailing from Birmingham, ...and Upstairs, Nurses are a tricky band to pigeon–hole. Their sound is as layered and rich as their influences and they are as compelling as any great band you care to mention.

They developed their sound during their time together at Birmingham University where they spent most of their free time, and a considerable amount of supposed study time, jamming and rehearsing in the house they shared together. Consequently they are as tight as a band can be, both musically and in their friendships.

During this time they honed their live performance on the Birmingham club scene which is where Paul and Chads of Paper Label first heard them and, being completely knocked out, immediately booked them into the studio to record their EP 'G-RIDE ART FUNKEL (HOT COINS)". Since then their new material has developeded into an altogether more mature sound and they are now ready to unleash a full album onto an unsuspecting public.

Although Nurses are essentially a rock band, their songs incorporate all manner of styles from Space Rock to African High Life to Jazz and Blues and much, much more. With a passion for odd time signatures, layers of sound and a catchy melody it's hard to ignore them. You have to have a second listen and then they've got you. Their song titles are more off the wall than Edward Lear's poetry and this is reflected in the intense creativity of their songwriting.

Debut album is due for release in 2014.